Geriatric Care

Improve Safety & Health with Dementia Care

People of advanced ages face a number of specific health issues. From dementia and Alzheimer’s to diabetes and many others, it’s crucial to maintain one’s medical care to stay on top of these diseases. Unfortunately, due to memory issues, many elderly people will forget to take their medication, or even worse: forget they’ve taken meds and take extra doses, increasing the risks of them taking a toxic dosage without even realizing it. With these diagnoses, it’s also critical to keep the patient in a familiar environment so they feel comfortable and don’t suffer from anxiety. You can rest assured we will provide medication reminders to keep your loved one safe. We provide care throughout Connecticut.

Compassionate Care from our Certified Home Care Staff

Our caring staff at Ultimate Family Care will ensure your loved one gets the proper customized care they need. Over time, they will get to know us well and will become comfortable by having a familiar face with them. We are specially trained and experienced to handle the needs of elderly patients, so call us and let us know how we can assist today.